Growing, Learning, and Enjoying Every Part Of It.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The High School Years

So my daughter made it through her first day of high school, or should I say I made it through. She was so nervous that it made me nervous. I gave serious thought to lurking in the hallways just to make sure she was okay throughout the day. I didn’t, of course.

My biggest issue was and still is that she will be attending school with 18 year old boys and girls who think they are grown. It just seems wrong to mix my 14 year old amongst them.  It sounds like a small age difference, but the mentality is light years apart.

At the end of the week, I will have reconciled all of my feelings about her being in high school…I’m sure of it. I pray over her every day and ask God to guide the other students and teachers. I know she has a good foundation, and now is my chance to see that in action. She’ll make mistakes, and some very stupid decisions, as all teenagers do, but I pray she’ll seek God and me more often than she seeks out guidance from other kids. I pray that she’ll stay grounded and committed to her beliefs even when others try to make her feel bad about it.

As much as I want to wrap her up and hide her in my back pocket, I am also looking forward to watching her navigate these years of her life. I’m just going to savor every moment, though, because I know they will go by too quickly.  In 4 short years I’ll be typing through my tears as I drop her off to college, longing to relive these days. So, because I know that I’m going to stop my whining and start praising. I’m going to praise God for allowing me to see all this unfold – my beautiful baby turn into a young lady right before my eyes. This parenthood step really is the most rewarding (and painful) that life has to offer.

~ Blissfully Yours

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I mentioned yesterday that I’m in the midst of starting a side business. Well yesterday afternoon I decided to take some time away from work and take care of some formalities. I have officially registered my business with the County Clerk’s Office. My chosen name for the company was available, so I went ahead and made it happen. The process was much easier than I imagined. It was really a matter of making sure the name wasn’t taken, filling out a 1 sheet form, and paying the fee. Easy Breezy.

I’m almost finished with my business plan. The final thing I need to do is write the executive summary.  It’s the easiest part, but I just keep putting it off.  I’m most excited about my marketing plan. Right now the biggest piece of that plan is logo and website design.  I have a friend from high school that I keep in touch with through facebook who is now a graphic designer. He has a design business on the side, so he is working up a logo for me based off some sketches I did and other logos I’ve seen that I like. I am also in the midst of negotiating with a website designer. Who knew web design was so expensive? I didn't.  At any rate, I found someone who is reasonable (if that's what we have to call it) and has a nice portfolio.  He is going to create a sample site for me over the next week to see how I like it. 

My plan is to be official by October 1st and by all accounts it looks like I'm on schedule. After that I'll just need my first client. I'm so super nercited (nervous and excited, for those who don't know, lol)!

~ Blissfully Yours


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Career Love Limbo

The love I once had for my current position has faded. The feelings of glee and excitement have slowly diminished over the past year, but really picked up over the past few months. Some of it is environmental – things and people have changed. Some of it is me – I am growing and changing.

A part of me wants to try a career change, and then another part of me thinks I just need to try a new company. Either way, the fact is that I am not happy where I am anymore.

I’m typically enthusiastic about change, I welcome it, feed it, and invite it to stay the night, but I’m starting to get a bit nervous at the thought of walking away from this company and or this career for a while.

My husband and I have already discussed me exiting the workforce, as I currently know it, once we have kids. I want to enjoy them for those first years before I’m back on the daily grind. But what about now?

I am currently in the process of starting a home-based business. It’s just something for me to do on the side. I’m very excited about it, and honestly I’m hoping that it will only take a year for me to transition it into something full-time.  But, again, what about now?

Well, for now the only remedy I can think of is to look for other positions outside of my current company. I’ve been on this quest for some time, though, and no luck…yet. I’m going to keep the search alive, and in the meantime hope my enthusiasm for my current situation returns.  This is the first time in my entire career where I have had no motivation or desire to walk into work. That’s a terrible, terrible feeling. 

I have heard of people like that, but never thought it would be me. In fact, I used to think if I ever started having those feelings, I simply walk away…because we all know that life is too short to be somewhere that is not growing you, but rather stifling you and making you miserable. Easier said than done.

For now, I’ll keep looking, while trying to appreciate this step in time.

~ Blissfully Yours

Monday, August 20, 2012

Spiritual Steps

Yesterday was our first attendance at church as a married couple.  It felt great to finally be back and settled in.  Since we had missed the past 3 weekends due to travel, I had no idea what was in store for Sunday.  Well, to my surprise and pleasure there was a guest pastor set to deliver the message. It turned out to be my pastor from California. On my old blog I talked about this man and how being under his leadership really helped me change as a person.  I had some great spiritual breakthroughs while attending his church and listening to his words.  And, then when I moved to Texas, he and the church were rocked with scandal.  Until that time, I didn’t understand how a congregation can become so tied to the man that delivers the message every week.  The news really did shake me.  I was deeply saddened.

When I met my husband, in one of our early conversations I was telling him about my California church and pastor and it turned out that he had a connection with him as well.  They are both from Philadelphia were apart of sister churches.  It’s a small world.

Anyway, back to Sunday. When my former pastor was announced, I was delighted. Like I think I made loud noises and clapped uncontrollably, lol. My husband was excited too. It turns out that my current pastor and his wife have been mentored by him for years. Again, it’s a small world.

He delivered the message from II Corinthians 4:8, and focused on reminding people that once down, doesn’t mean you are out. At some point he even spoke about things getting so dark when you’re catching it from every angle - your friends, family, workplace, etc.  He went on to talk about believing what people show you about themselves and how they feel about you.  This really hit home because I just ended two 18 year relationships after my wedding. I had to stop focusing on the number of years we called each other friend and start looking at actions; especially actions during milestone moments.  I was already at peace with my decision to end those relationships, but his sermon provided any confirmation I may have needed.

Sitting there and listening to the message made me really miss my growth under his leadership.  I’m so thirsty for that same zest I had for my spiritual growth. On every side, I am experiencing a new chapter in my life, and I don’t think my spiritual life should be any different. It’s time for me to make the next step and get re-engerized in the Lord!

~ Blissfully Yours

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Running Step

I haven’t run in a couple of months. I could blame it on wedding planning, but I won’t. I was just being lazy and stopped prioritizing. Well, I’m back it again.  My goal is to run a half marathon by the end of the year.  I’m really considering doing the former White Rock Half, now known as the Dallas Marathon and Half.  It’s in December, so that would give me plenty of time to get back into the swing of things.

I remember how I previously couldn’t miss two days straight of running without feeling weird. I can’t wait to reignite those days. I remember how super hero-esque  I felt when I would finish a long run.  I’m ready to feel like wonder woman again.

So, what’s my game plan?  Well, I’m just going to start running until my legs tell me to walk. Then I’m going to walk until my legs tell me I can run again.  And, I’ll do that until my legs finally stop telling me to walk.

I am going to play around with some fueling options when I get back to 6 miles.  I had a regime, but I know it could have been better had I dedicated more attention to it.  Oh, I’m also finally going to have a scheduled weight training routine. My husband has a whole weight lifting contraption right at my fingertips.

I’ve picked up some weight I had previously lost, not all of it, but enough to lose.  I am really pressed about losing it, too, because we are wanting to have babies sooner rather than later. That means I need to lose some pounds before getting baby pounds on me.

Yay…I’m excited about reintroducing myself to my sneakers and the pavement.  I’ve missed them so!

~ Blissfully Yours

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mommy Moments

Over the past several months it’s been almost all about wedding planning, but during that time I made sure I didn’t neglect my daughter or make her feel like she was being pushed aside. I allowed her to help me make final decisions on some things and she always gave an opinion.

I also had continuous talks with her about how my love for her will always be the same and how we will still get our moments alone for mommy/daughter time. The fact that she has had me all to herself, and vice versa for 14 years, I just wanted to make sure she was okay in this process. I know that despite how much she likes my husband, she could possibly mourn our family of two.

Luckily, she was and is absolutely fine. She likes that we’ve gone from a family of two to four (that includes the dog, lol). And, she’s enjoying bonding with my husband more and more. They have their own precious moments and it makes me so happy.

In other great news, my baby is starting high school in a few weeks.  It’s great news because it’s amazing to see how much she has grown and I know without a doubt that she is ready.  However, there is the side of me that feels a little sad for this new milestone.  Her starting high school means we only have 4 years left with her living at home before she goes off to college. It just seems like 18 years with your child in the home isn’t enough.  I guess that's why so many parents are allowing their kids to move back after college.  At any rate, she is well prepared and I know she’s going to rock it.

She also just went through volleyball tryouts with her high school and made it!  I’m so proud of her on every level.  I admire her dedication to things…I grew into mine, but she just has it.

I know parents with kids of all ages agree that the time flies, but seeing a teenaged high schooler just makes it that much more true. I just want to slow down time and soak up every minute with her.

~ Blissfully Yours

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Wedding Step

Well, it’s official…I’m a married woman now. I’m giddy, happy, excited, and anxious.  It just feels so good to be joined with my Husband. I hope we always feel this way.

The wedding went wonderfully, too! Everything went according to plan and we danced our booties off at the reception.  I had so much fun and from the looks of it all of the guests did as well.  The food was even great, and wedding food is never great.

Back to the ceremony, it went by way too fast for my liking. I had heard that it goes by quickly, but I thought for sure time would move slowly for my special day…not so much.  My favorite part of the ceremony was when we said our personal vows. My husband’s vows were so heartfelt, yet practical – a perfect description of him. My vows brought me to tears…and snot. Yes, snot was uncontrollably running down my nose as I was crying and saying my vows. I was so overwhelmed with emotion for the moment, yet slightly terrified that snot was running down the bottom half of my face.  It’s funny to think about it now.

Before all of that, though, my breath was taken away when I heard the start of my Bridal March. We hired a professional trumpeteer who played the most beautiful introduction to the Bridal March.  I remember when I heard the music I looked at my uncle, who walked me down the aisle, and told him that I just want to always be a good wife.  He assured me that I would be.

My daughter was even a part of the ceremony.  While my husband and I were doing the Sand ceremony, my daughter read the significance of the ritual.  I felt so good that she had a stand out role in the day.

We only had one reading and that was given by one of my new nieces. She read a passage I selected from one of my favorite books – The Alchemist.  When I look back at the video, I simply adore that part of the ceremony as well.

After we were pronounced husband and wife and got our kiss on, we jumped the broom and jetted out of the church to the sound of the classic wedding recessional and our guests ringing bells.  It was a beautiful sound to match a beautiful feeling.

We, and the bridal party, headed off for photography while our guests went to cocktail hour at the nearby reception site.   I so wish I could have made it to cocktail hour…I heard people had a blast. I like being a part of blasts, haha.

The reception was a blast from the time we entered to “It Takes Two” by Rob Bass until we made our final exit.  Backing up to the entrance…we did a cute little dance when we entered, but then went straight into our real first dance.  We did a self chorographed routine to Ray Charles’ version of “Come Rain or Come Shine.”  The crowd went wild and we were mesmerized with each other the entire time.  We couldn’t have planned it better than reality unfolded it.

But before the ceremony or reception, I got a little treat when I went back to the hotel to change before heading to the rehearsal and dinner the night before the wedding. Alicia Keys, Swiss Beats, and Dr. J were all staying in my hotel. I only got an opportunity to ask Alicia for a picture, though.  She was so gracious and kind to agree. Btw, she is tiny in person. For some reason on television she looks curvy to me, but in person she was short and tiny. I just love her voice!

On to the honeymoon.  We flew off to Turks and Caicos the next morning and had a blast. Let’s just say the water is unmatched, the people are pleasant, the private beach experience is a must do, and operation baby is in full effect.  It was a great week to spend with just my honey and I after a stressful wedding planning process. I never thought I’d say this, but it was all worth it!

This new marriage step has me all kinds of excited! As my husband said in his vows, we will now be forever known as The A Team.  That makes me so happy!

~ Blissfully Yours