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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fired And Hired

There is so much love and happiness being thrown about throughout this step of my life – the wedding planning step, that is.  However, there is just as much selfishness and confusion being thrown around.

I had to fire (well, I had my fiancé do it) our Day of Coordinator who was also a relative of my fiancé. She showed no level of concern or enthusiasm for making sure the day went smoothly.  I have been patient with her for months, but just 19 days out she sends me a list of ridiculous recommendations that finally made me say, “enough is enough.” 

My wonderful fiancé was completely understanding and shared my same feelings on the situation and told me to find myself a new Wedding Day Coordinator.  That man! Oh, that man! He makes me so happy.  We are already grossly over budget, but he understands that peace of mind is worth its price.

So, luckily I found a new Coordinator the same day. I even had two to choose from  and I think my choice is going to work out wonderfully.

We are 18 days away and the butterflies are fluttering their wings off inside my tummy.  I’m savoring the moments!

~ Blissfully Yours