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Monday, June 29, 2015

Baby Bump: Update 1

Hi, everyone!

I'm TIRED!! Update:

So, we found out that we are pregnant with one baby. One of my embryos didn't implant. Initially, we were a bit disappointed when thinking that one of our fertilized frozen embies didn't make it, but we accepted it as God's will and have moved on happy about our singleton baby to come!

I've felt this pregnancy for what feels like the entire time since implantation. Before our sonogram I swore I could have been pregnant with two or three because my energy is GONE. Now, not only do I have no energy, but I also have a constant headache, nausea and gas issues. The drugs also gave me every single side effect this time. Let's just say it has not been a fun few weeks.

I'm still so thankful for the opportunity to grow our family, but I have to admit that I'm ready for all of these symptoms to go away. I have been so worthless around the house. It's downright shameful.

We go in for our first official ob visit tomorrow. I can't wait to see the baby again and hear his/her's heartbeat. Hopefully, that will get rid of some of my complaining. 

9 weeks 3 days
symptoms: headaches, nausea, gas, fatigue
cravings: none
food aversions: sweets

That's it for the baby bump new for now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy June

It's the smack dab middle of the year! Usually, I'm writing about how I can't believe the year is half way finished. Well, this year I can believe it. I'm not sure why, but things seem right on schedule this year; not too fast or too slow.

I did well with my goals last month with the exception of the gym. I think my bed rest threw me off. I'm resuming tomorrow. 

June's personal goals:

1. 12 visits to the Gym
2. Reduce my carb intake. I have been heavy handed on the pasta and bread lately
3. Finish reading Life Interrupted and start on Better Than Before, and find a fiction read.
4. Do 3 random acts of kindness.

That's it. The hardest part is going to be these carbs...whew.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thankful Thursdays

I have so much for which to be thankful. And, I'm not just talking about material possessions. 

1. I'm thankful for my growing family. To have once thought I didn't want any kids, to only wanting one, to yearning for more with no mate in sight, to not being able to conceive naturally, to having twins and being pregnant with another....whew, I'm blessed. Thank God for having the ultimate plan!

2. I'm thankful for my husband. For his ability and willingness to provide for our family in a way that allows me to be at home with our babies and not have to send them off every day. 

3. I'm thankful for my consultant gig. I was going through an internal battle of missing my career, but wanting to be with my kids, and not knowing how to reconcile the two. Well, God dropped a great opportunity right in my lap. It has shown me that there is no internal battle to be had. My kids are where I want to be. I still enjoy my work, but it can wait on me. 

4. I'm thankful for this temporary infusion of extra income, and the possibility that we'll be able to buy my new minivan with cash and not have to deplete ourselves. 

5. I'm thankful for my neighbors. They are so genuine and caring. They aren't sorry for being white, which is quite refreshing. And, they care about my family, and I care about theirs.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Friday evening I went to an event at church with some of the ladies from my life group. The event topic was Friendships. I've been thinking about friendship for a while, but my mind has been in overdrive about it since Friday. 

I've always had a healthy friendship life.  When I was 14, I met three wonderful girls who became my best friends. I broke ties with two of them right after my wedding. And, then one of them reached out, apologized and asked if we could try to repair the damage. I agreed, and we are getting closer by the weeks. 

It was painful to go through that friendship break-up because I truly loved them, trusted them, and considered them my sisters. Without really realizing it until Friday, I have been reluctant to embrace or nurture new friendships since all of that happened. That's not even like me. I love people and I love creating new relationships. I had been yearning for more closeness and friendship with people in my area (my best friend lives in another state), but I didn't realize I was subconsciously refusing to participate. 

I'm now trying to figure out how to overcome the fear of being betrayed again. I don't really know how to be "kinda" friends. I'm usually in or out. So, I don't want to go in and get hurt. I know, though, that just like when I was dating, I have to keep giving it a shot. No risk, no reward.

So, since Friday I have joined a new meetup group, and I actually plan to attend an event. I plan to reach out to people here, who I haven't given much time to, but should have because I actually like them. 

I'm going to try and remain cognizant of pushing people away, or not giving to a potential relationship what I want to get out. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Frozen Babies Update - Positive

I was scheduled to go in for my pregnancy blood test on Friday, but I couldn't wait. I promise I tried. Mr. RFA even told me that I was forbidden from taking a home test. I was fine until Wednesday. All of a sudden, I just needed to know. I whined to him about it all day. Trying to convince him that he wanted to know "right now" as well. 
Finally, that night he agreed to go get me a test. Once I actually had the test, I was too nervous to take it. After he assured me I was acting nuts, I justed pee'd on the thing. But, then I couldn't look at it. I gave it to him and he sat there staring at it until he jumped up with a smile on his face, but no words coming out of his mouth. I grabbed the test, read PREGNANT, and we jumped up and down together.

Friday I went in for the blood work, and the doctor later that day with the same news - Pregnant. 

Today, I went in for my follow-up test to make sure my beta numbers are growing. 

I think I was starting to get nervous because we were walking around talking like we already knew we were pregnant. I didn't want to take the process for granted or be too over confident. Just because the last time went to so well didn't mean I wanted to miss the miracle of this. And, I was on the internet reading too many negative stats on frozen transfers.  I'm so very excited that our result is what we imagined. I'm so thankful to God for blessing me with another pregnancy. I definitely still see the miracle in it all!

Now for the long wait to find out if one or both of our little frozen babies implanted.

Thanks for your prayers!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ava Says Jesus!

A couple of nights ago Ava didn't want to go to bed at her standard bedtime. The both usually go down without any problems, so after 15 minutes of her screaming I figured I better go see what was wrong. Nothing was wrong, she just couldn't calm down and go to sleep. I tried for 30 minutes to rock her, but when I stopped, more crying. I decided to take her to our room and cuddle with her to see if she would fall asleep and then I could take her back. I don't mind doing this because the girls don't like sleeping in our bed, they much prefer their cribs, so I was hoping it wouldn't take long before she would want to be back in her room, lol. 

Well, instead of getting tired, she became a chatterbox. So, I pulled out the camera to record her. Watch the whole thing. She says the sweetest name, Jesus! She's so cute!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 18, 2015

My Frozen Babies - Update

I'm late on this post. I wanted to write it while on bed rest, but somehow I found a way to get busy doing other stuff. So, I had my Frozen Embryo Transfer on Wednesday of last week. The actual transfer process was much fast this time. I drank just the right amount of water, and my uterus was in the same position it was in during my trial transfer, so everything worked out beautifully. 
The sad part is that Mr. RFA wasn't in the OR with me this time. Our babysitter canceled at the last minute and every single person we know who could have possibly done it has kids that they have to get to school in the mornings, so it wouldn't have worked. I was a bit sad that he wasn't in there. We did bring the girls to the hospital with us, though. They were with me while I was getting ready and waiting, but not for the actual transfer.

Let me focus on the positive. Everyone was still so nice. It was the same staff that was there two years ago. The embryologist came in and showed us the picture of our two remaining embryos. They both thawed out beautifully, he said.  I was surprised by the picture, though. They look so different from Ava and Zoe's embryos. He assured me they were fine, it's just that embryos look different after being thawed versus Fresh.  Here's the picture:

I have no idea how to turn the picture the right way.

So now I'm in the "wait phase." I go for my pregnancy blood test on Wednesday. I'm so tempted to go buy a bunch of home pregnancy tests and take them every day, but I will resist. Mr. RFA has made me promise. 

Symptoms: I have been having period like symptoms since the day after transfer. I'm hoping that's a great sign of implantation. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Stay tuned....